Tiny Feathers

Become the Observer. See the world, your world, through the eyes of a Witness.

Observe intently

When we free ourselves from the trappings of the mind—subjective thoughts, steeped in  trauma, drama, emotion and earthly logic, we are given a new opportunity, a new perspective. We can become an objective bystander—participating in whatever activity is at hand, but simultaneously watching ourselves in the context of life events. Acknowledge a hushed voice of the Soul, longing to be heard. We may sense subtle flutters of Inner Wisdom, Tiny Feathers drifting gently into consciousness. Earthly burdens release and detach from us. We feel it. Relaxation settles in, yet we feel an exhilarating freedom and respectfully alive. 

LaVerna Monastery

Sacred sounds, ageless chants have been used for centuries to shift focus from the ordinary, the everyday into a sense of awe and wonder. Spiritual beings throughout history have shed the corporeal world in search of wisdom and meaning. We have heard stories about the presence of a brilliant white light that people experience. We’ve watched cloaked monks process in a rhythmic sway, singing sounds so deep that they fill spacious stone cathedrals with a life-changing reverberation. Those wordless tones—the sacred sound of Om emanating from the “heart space,” invoke spirit. To be “inspired” means to be infused with spirit. Breathe in, breathe out. The entire body becomes transformed. This is our hope—to soar, to invite momentary glimpses of Tiny Feathers, Inner Wisdom, that enticingly float and swirl just beyond everyday awareness.   



Floating weightlessly behind my eyelids

Drifting ever-slowly toward my beating heart

Tiny feathers of a fleeting thought

Slipping calmly into rhythmic breathing

Matching beat for beat with my sacred heart


Floating weightlessly behind my eyelids

Drifting ever-slowly toward my beating heart

Tiny feathers, soft hints

What my Soul dares to dream


This story and music are dedicated to Those who continually nudge us further and further into our sacred heart space


From album – Hold to the Heart
Track released – June 1, 2022
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Music, Vocals and Production

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We were reading a number of books about consciousness, among them were several by Ken Wilbur: “Boomeritis,” and “A Brief History of Everything,” as well as another book called “What Really Matters.” We also read (after having seen the movie) “What the Bleep Do We Know,” which led us to discover “Ramtha: the White Book” . . . 

Each Cell

Following a visit to Madonna del Sasso Monastery near Santa Brigida, in Tuscany, we wrote this song. We had walked for about an hour up the steep, rocky trail between the monastery and town to reach that sacred site with unbelievable views into the Val d’Inferno. We could see our studio off in the distance, and the Castle Trebbio, down below . . .