Fires of Passion

Fires-LacingAs we anticipated hosting a spiritual retreat in Italy, we talked about the list of attendees. It was a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds, from different walks of life and all ages. But regardless of the origin, everyone brings his/her own form of “fire” to such an event. Each is passionate about totally different things, yet we were all able to meet in an unfamiliar place to find some common ground for conversation and relationship building. That very passion, which gets activated within each of us, is at the heart of the creative process. That individual fire makes this big old world keep on-a-turnin’.



If you were to ask me
Why the earth spins
One thing I have noted
From places I have been
This great world keeps turning
Because of just one thing
Fires of passion
All over the world

Whether love of beauty
Or loyalty to state
Constant search for spirit
Fuels the fire of faith
Why on earth do we keep
Reaching for the sky
Fires of passion
Are all over the world

Some lament injustice
Others burn with rage
There are peaceful warriors
Led by a sage

Writers create stories
Others mourn a loss
Singers break the silence
Sharing their viewpoints
While liberating all of their passion
Feelings spilling out
All over the world

And so now you ask me
Why the earth spins
This world will keep on turning
Forever to time’s end
Searing, scorching, blazing
A solitary thing
The fire of passion
All over the world

A smoldering passion
Burns within everyone

People blazing with passionate fire
All over the world



From Hungry Again, track released August 1, 2013
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, vocals and production
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar, vocals and production
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering

Video – Dr. R. Scott Colglazier