Secret Passageways

Secret-LacingA few years ago we took the “Secret Itinerary” tour in Venice, and really enjoyed getting into the trusses above Doge’s Palace. Just after that, we seized the opportunity to tour “The Secret Passages” in Florence at the Palazzo Vecchio. We were intrigued by the secret door that Cosimo de Medici used to escape the throngs to simply get away without being seen, threatened, or attacked.

The whole theme of secrecy was intriguing to us. What an analogy related to our life process! We keep going deeper into who we are—behind the scenes where the real stuff is happening. It was as if we were exploring our own secret passages as a way of life, eluding the ever present threats of complacency.



One day, by chance I saw the world within
Beyond a closing door
In that moment, though brief as it was
I saw something more
Somehow missed, unseen beforeI saw a shadow cross an old garden bench
As the gates drew closed
Stole a peek of flowers russet and gold
Violet and rose
Brilliant, intensely white they glowedThough always there, I was unaware
Of that secret, veiled passageway
Today fate revealed the passagewayThen suddenly I saw the world within
Never seen before
Since that moment of stealing a glance
I want even more than glimpses
Through a slightly open doorSo much to see beyond those walls
Through gates of a secret
Veiled passageway


Credits (Secret Passageways Music)

From Hungry Again, track released August 1, 2013
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, vocals and production
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar, vocals and production
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering