Timepieces-LacingWorking on the interactive iPad version of our book, “Time to Partner,” we decided to write some new music to go along with the story. Our original “Never Sleep” music was already included, so the new music would supplement the songs that were already there (What an interesting blend of new and old perspectives.) We updated the introduction, which urged us to write the new song called “Timepieces.” It was an interesting section to re-write since it sets the stage for the entire format of the book. Ah, ceaseless change.



All alone in the tinker’s workshop
Counter scattered with cogs and gears
Watches built to track hours and minutes
But he cannot capture the years

Parts engage, one made for the other
Slide together, then whirl and spin
Morning breaks, finally he sets the hands
And so time begins

Then the hours take flight
While minutes race by
All the pieces and parts
Unique as they are
Work as though they are one
To make up our days

Then those days become years
And the years move to make up our lives
With their pieces and parts
Blending light into dark
Days blur dusk into night
Blurring dusk into night
Dusk into night

Once again in the tinker’s workshop
Endless cycle, yet ceaseless change
Cogs and gears pressed in clocks and watches
Until simply nothing remains

Parts engage, one made for the other
Slide together, then whirl and spin
Evening falls, so the cycle resumes
Set in motion again

Faster year after year
Waning time becomes dear
All our lives and their parts
Unique as they are
Fuse as though they are one
Living straight from the heart

Joys, yearning, and pain
We seem different, but we are the same
With our lows and our highs
Blending dark into light
Nights blur dawn into day
Blurring dawn into day
Dawn into day



From Hungry Again, track released August 1, 2013
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, vocals and production
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar, vocals and production
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering