Nighty-night Rosie June

After our first grandchild was born, our daughter called to ask if we were going to write a lullaby for her little 3 month-old daughter, Rosie June. She reminded us that we wrote and sang a song for her when she was young, and therefore, little Rosie should have one as well that we could all use to sing her to sleep. We love a challenge, and would do anything our daughter asks of us. So we thought about it for a few minutes, and had it completely written within a couple of hours. We wanted to keep the melody simple and repetitive so it would be easy to learn and remember. Cheryl wanted the words to flow straight from the heart, which is easy for her. That’s exactly what she did. This lullaby has been delivered directly to our little angel, who can drift off to sleep knowing that she has people all around who love her more than she can even imagine! Nighty-night Rosie June. Sleep tight!



Scattered among the Milky Way
All the way to the moon
Millions of twinkling stars say
Sweet dreams
Nighty-night Rosie June

When your sweet blue eyes close
No matter if night or noon
We are waiting here for you
Sweet dreams
Nighty-night Rosie June

You’ve had such a busy day
Filled with fun and love
Now it’s time to rest a bit
And dream

Floating above white fluffy clouds
Drifting with kites and balloons
You will soar on wings of sleep
Sweet dreams
Nightly-night Rosie June


From album – Quiet Comes Along
Track released – September 27, 2017
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production
Inspiration – The birth of our first grandchild