Two Sweet

When Rosie June was a baby we wrote a lullaby for her. She
quickly learned the song as a soothing part of her nap time. Iris
said that she immediately calmed down when she heard “her song.”

By the time she was a year old, she was singing along with some
parts. At 18 months she could mimic the tune and she repeated
many of the actual words as we sang to her. When we wrote
the song we knew that it needed to be simple—nothing too complicated.

Now Rosie is turning 2 years old. She has grown so much
and is quite a little spitfire. She loves her daily routines and the many details of her world.
She tells her stuffed animals one-by-one that she loves them.
When she goes to bed, she lines them up on either side of her and makes sure they are all
accounted for. She loves her days. Thankfully we get to be part
of them through FaceTime when we’re not physically present.

For her birthday, we decided to write a song that follows her
typical day. We know how creative and spontaneous she is, as well as her desire for independence. She’s transitioning from
being a baby, through being a toddler and into childhood. She’s absolutely a
delight! When she calls us by name, MuMu and Goo, it melts
our hearts. She is truly a generous and kind child with a
well-developed sense of humor—giving us a hilarious side-eye upon
request. She mimics jellyfish with hand gestures, and we’ve taught
her to do a “shaky wave” and a “floppy wave.” At the end of
each conversation she blows kisses and says, “I love you.”

She loves music and is quite an accomplished dancer with favorite tunes that get her moving. When new photos arrive, we can recognize her changes and growth, yet she remains true to
her core self: the sweetest person we know. In fact, she is just
too sweet for words. So we simply switched out her new age
“Two” to arrive at the title of her birthday song, “Two Sweet.”



She wakes each day with a smile, cheerfulness is just her style

Prefers to eat around eight, then on to do the things that just can’t wait

Dance party draws her in—quick feet, kicks, ending with a spin

One of a kind in all of the world, Rosie June, our two year old girl

She stops, requests a different song while dancing she sings along

Partial to Swift or Phish, then on to do just what she wishes

Blank paper calls her name, colored crayons stake a momentary claim

One of a kind in all of the world, Rosie June, our two year old girl

Saturday Mama sleeps in while Rosie hangs with Dad at Bean Town

Then off they go to the pool she learns to swim

Munching on carrots and peas Rosie’s lunch looks like a rainbow

Berry bites and chunks of mango finish out her meal

Hugging with Wolfie it’s time for an hour or two in Snoozeville

Such a busy little girl always needs her rest—to be the best

Much to do in the afternoon, busy bee, that’s our Rosie June

Sidewalks in need of colored chalk, snack in hand heading out for a neighborhood walk

It’s almost time to take a bath, scrubba-dub, soapy bubbles—splish-splash

One of a kind in all of the world, Rosie June, our two year old girl

One of a kind, you just have to meet, Rosie June, she’s simply Two Sweet


This story and song were written to celebrate the second birthday of sweet Rosie June.


From album – Quiet Comes Along
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production
Inspiration – When Rosie June heard her first echo in the new house

Song released on Rosie’s second Birthday—May 17, 2019