Taken In

One afternoon, we were taking plant clippings to the local disposal site, and found 7 kittens, no more than one week old, hiding around the bags of leaves and lost in the nearby woods. They were easy to find because of their desperate cries—save me, take me in! That little discovery set us on a path to find them some milk and a home. We were so moved by the experience, we decided to write a story, which we called “Cat Woman Saves the Day.” You can find it on our blog “Under the Tuscan Thumb.

Our motivation didn’t stop there, because we decided to write some music to ponder the idea of abandonment of all kinds. It happens every day, and even to each one of us in sometimes not so subtle ways. That realization of being left alone creeps in and we long to be “taken in” once again.

We hope you enjoy the story and the music, and find your own ways of dealing with the ever-present opposites of both abandonment and love in the every-day. They go hand in hand as our lives unfold.



Haven’t you heard it said that
Home is where the heart is
Doesn’t it make you wonder
Where all the broken hearts live

Sometimes to get ahead, make a way
Something or someone gets left behind
Whether forgotten or set aside
Being abandoned is never kind

Hoping for someone who might take you in
Make you feel cared for, wanted once again
Now, that would be home—you’d be home

Right before that moment
When someone happened along just to find you
Scratching, crying, clawing to free yourself from harm
Suddenly swept up, taken in taken in

Suddenly swept up, taken in

Is home a place or a feeling
In a poem, it was written
“when you have to go there
they have to take you in.”

Left behind, by the roadside
The best you can hope for
When you have nothing, nowhere
Then they will have to take you in
Take you in
Take me in


From Borne Album

Track released – September 28, 2014

Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production

Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production

Inspiration – Finding abandoned kittens