The First Time We Met (currently under construction)

Do you remember the first time you met the person you would commit yourself to unconditionally? Of course you do. Those are among the unforgettable moments of a lifetime that can change us forever.

We remember everything about it—the place, time of day, season, conversation, but most importantly, the feelings. They are unmistakably special, powerful and lasting. Often times, those encounters are conveyed as I never felt that way before.

This song tries to capture that moment for us. Written some 45 years later, the memories were still fresh and accessible. And, for the most part, our stories of that moment matched—although, we still banter back and forth about whose experience was the strongest. Of course, it was mine! (However no one will ever really know, not even us, since we co-wrote this)


Etched in my mind,
Frozen in time,
The day we met

By circumstance or by chance,
Who can say
Just why
Paths intersect

Very first sight
Something felt so right
The first time we met

Somehow I knew just by finding you
My life became
More than I could
Ever expect

Although you were so casual
Just passing nearby
There was something about your face
That clearly captured my eye

When I dared to call your name
You turned
And smiled in a way
Like surely we’d met somewhere once before
I was intrigued to know more

Meeting of hearts
Electric spark
The day we met

That stroke of fate, seems like yesterday
Time stood still
Locked within
Memories kept

Long ago
A moment not to forget
The first time we met


From Borne Album
Track released –                                                                                                                                          
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production
Inspiration – Our 44th Anniversary