Bursting Fourth

An explosion! Suddenly, everything seems to happen at once. 

Constant motion

Four-year olds “burst forth”—no doubt about it. They become more curious, talkative, expressing their feelings. They sing, rhyme words and even make them up. They share newly formed understandings and concepts. They speak in complete sentences and even use different tenses. They read street signs and messages (be careful), and every book they can get their little hands on. Much of this rapid learning happens through play—pretending, running, hopping, throwing, kicking balls, climbing, and swinging with ease, as coordination takes a giant leap forward. It’s absolutely astounding to watch and hear as new developments happen right before us, minute by minute. 

Rosie June at 4

Our one-and-only granddaughter, Rosie June just turned four, so our attention is focused on her and this magical time in her life. Even though we experienced this stage of life with each of our two kids when they were four years old, this time around we’re watching through the eyes of grandparents. We often exclaim to one another, “You’ve got to be kidding—did you hear what she just said?”

Using music and story to notate life has been our preferred way for many years, so capturing the current moments of Rosie’s development through music is an obvious direction. We’ve written a song of commemoration for each year of her young life. This year is no exception, as we just put the finishing touches on another musical chapter in celebration of her fourth birthday—”Bursting Fourth.” What else? 

Music Studio

This musical story is laced with actual recordings of Rosie at play—her own invented “boopy-bop-bop;” strumming the guitar; tickling the “ivories” of her favorite electronic rolling keyboard and singing along to a free-form melody line. She’s also into sending emoji and letter texts to everyone in the family. What appears as nonsense on the recipient’s phone are serious messages from Rosie. She often speaks the words of her message as she types, so we know that she’s asking about how the day is going and always says “I love you”—repeatedly. Then with the tap of the arrow, the missive goes off into cyberspace. We’ve included those familiar sounds in the song, so you might recognize the chimes of an incoming text on your cell phone. 

Every day brings something new and exciting as we embark on year number 5. We wonder what’s in store for both her and us as she begins this new phase of her journey. Hang on tightly! This next year promises to be full of surprises and absolutely exhilarating!

Music – Bursting Fourth


Boopy bop (Rosie)

Sun warms the air
Days grow just a little bit longer
Springtime is here
The time is right for breaking ground
Bursting forth
An unfolding blossom to behold

Boo-py bop, Ba ba ba
Boo-py bop ba-dum

She was born smack dab in the middle of May
Burst forth in the usual way
She was all covered in giggles and grins
Ready and bound to delight
Yes, She was

She was then and still is one of a kind
All that everyone dreamed
Oh, Yes, she is

Boo-py bop, Ba ba ba
Boo-py bop ba-dum

Year after year
Just as the days grow longer
We celebrate 
Once again breaking ground
Bursting forth

Free spirit dancing in the sun, spinning
Sharing her joy with everyone 
Another year has just begun

Boo-py bop, Ba ba ba
Boo-py bop ba-dum

Boopy bop bop (Rosie)


From album – New Music
Track released – May 17, 2021
Rosie June – Vocals, Guitar and Keyboard
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production
Featured Art – Courtesy of Rosie and Dada
Inspiration – Rosie’s fourth birthday!