We (Mumu and Goo—don’t ask) wrote a special song for Rosie’s 5th birthday called Zippity-Zoom. This lyrical tune is now officially added to the annual collection of “life notes” about an incredible little person—Rosie June. Onward and upward from before birth, this beautiful story continues, and the 5th year is even more exciting!

We imagine that going from 4-years-old to 5-years-old is like taking a trip. You pack up all of your memories and your favorite things and take them with you on the new adventure.

Imagine that yesterday, you lived in a place called “4-Ville.” However, today you are moving to a new place called “5-Town.” You can bring a suitcase with you, so you need your: Stuffies, Brainflakes, Karate Gear and a Swimming Suit, among other treasures. Also, don’t forget your Books! And, of course you’ve already packed your head full of memories ready to zoom off into the future!

Your family and friends can also come along for the ride—wherever you decide to go. Welcome to “5-Town!” We know you’ll absolutely love it here!

It’s GREAT to be 5!


Music – Zippity-Zoom


1-2-3-4-5 (Rosie June)

Pulled out my suitcase
Opened it up with a zippity-zip
Looked all around the room to see
What I should take on this trip

So much to choose from,
I see s
o many things that I’ve done
It was so much fun to be 4 this past year
Now I’m moving on
Moving on to more

Piled in a stack of books
Mostly the ones that I have read
Favorite stuffies jumped in
Still warm from being in bed

Folded my yellow belt, tucked it
Safely next to my gloves
I can hardly wait to be 5 years old
Bringing everything that I love
Moving on from four

Dancing around my room
While I dream of what’s in store for me
Singing a favorite tune: bop, bop, bop
And the stuffies hum along
We’re moving on


Singing a favorite tune: bop, bop, bop
And the stuffies hum along
We’re moving on

Tossed in my bathing suit
Wondering where I’ll take a swim
Remembered my mask and cape
Just in case sneaky bad guys get in

My jar of Brain Flakes took up
The very last available room
Now I’ve packed my suitcase
I’m ready to zoom

I zipped up my suitcase
Moving at Super Cat Speed
I’m Ready to Zoom


From album – New Music
Track released – May 17, 2022
Rosie June – Vocals (counting)
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production

Featured Image – Rosie ready for Karate
Music Image – Rosie Snow-mobiling in Colorado
Inspiration – Rosie’s fifth birthday!