Telling the Truth

Telling-LacingWe were in the midst of conversations with friends about how relationships can fall apart as a result of simple dishonesty—not telling the truth! We talked about how the truth is really never as bad as the silence, or the suspicion, or the lies to cover up what’s actually going on (and already known in most cases). The lies really don’t conceal, but rather create something of a signpost pointing to the problem.

We imagined the beauty of being “caught” telling the truth. However, it seemed that the opposite often happened with secrets and clandestine actions. Soon, there’s nothing but a tangle of hidden stories, half-truths, nuances and doubts—nothing beautiful can grow in such a garden.


No facts, just interpretation
Plot without proof
Crimes of the heart are secret
Hiding the truth

Stealing around each corner
On the sly
Conspiring with the shadow
Silently living a lie

Motive and justification
Scheme without cause
It seems that crimes of passion
Break all the laws

Another perfect alibi
Covers tracks
Excited by the prospect
Intrigue, with no turning back
No turning back
There is no turning back

Where are those quiet moments
We used to know
It was a different life then
Where did it go?

On the weekends we’d take a walk
In the park with some friends
Do you remember, when we too were friends
Memories will never lie

Where are those peaceful moments
We used to know
It was a different life then
Where did it go

Now on the weekends there are no walks
No park and no friends
Special holidays came to an end
Those memories will never lie

Promise me good conversation
We’ll work this through
Longing for honesty
Try telling the truth

Sincere and trustworthy
Nothing to prove
Living life with intention
Always caught telling the truth

No turning back
Just tell the truth
No turning back
Why not just tell the truth


From Reason to Stay, track released 01 January 2005
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Tom Tomasello – Producer/Arranger
Jim Bruno – Vocal producer
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering