Still Water

Still-LacingWe decided to go on a week long sailing trip to Croatia with friends. It was unlike us, certainly not our normal routine, but we approached it as a very different kind of “workshop” that would teach us something about ourselves, since it would be so different than anything we had ever done or known. It did exactly that!

Being caught in the storm at sea brought us face-to-face with our resourcefulness, and tenacity. It gave us an important shared experience which brought us all to a new level of teamwork and relationship. The peacefulness of the night ride into port was an incredible experience in contrast with the tossing and churning of the previous day. Night was falling quickly, but we were compelled by the stillness and darkness. It was worth it! The contrast of the storm at sea and the near-silent gliding, were sensations we will never forget.


Still water, smooth sailing
Not far from shore
Graceful and quiet gliding
While the night mist is rising

Soft moonlight, still water
We’re almost there
Passing through narrow channels
Seeking safe harbor for the night

Day before yesterday, we
Weathered a rain storm at sea
Blustery currents tossed us
Rushing wind
Churning water

Fighting against the squall
With every rise and fall
Thrashing against each chilling wave
Crashing into the sea

Somehow we navigated our way that day
Sailing uncharted waters
Will against forces of the sea
Will against will with the sea

Smooth sailing, still water
Calm sea restored
Graceful and quiet gliding
While the night mist is rising
Seeking safe harbor for the night

Credits (Still Water Music)

From Settle Down, track released 01 March 2007
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering
Inspiration – Sailing the Croatian Coast