Sidetracked-LacingWe realized how easy it is to lose track of things, like the day of the week, a train of thought, a favorite pen. It usually happens when we’re distracted, doing too much at one time. The funny thing is that we seem to think that we are victims of circumstances.

All we have to do is admit we are doing this to ourselves. If we’re confused, we need to take a look at the “overload” we’ve taken on. Take responsibility for our actions. Acknowledge that progress can be subtle.


If tomorrow is Tuesday
Then I’ve lost a whole day
I still have yet to finish
Everything I do on Mondays

If today isn’t Tuesday
There isn’t much I can say
Except time escaped me
I’m right back where I started

Running around and getting nowhere
Once again

Through a hole in my pocket
Maybe that’s how I lost it
Time is so elusive
Hard to hold

I was somehow distracted
Momentarily sidetracked
So much to think about
My head was in the clouds

Running around and getting nowhere
Once again

Suddenly chores are past due
Dozens of things are in queue
I’ll have to write it down
To get it all done

At least the basics met
No chance to try and sidestep
Simply prioritize
My feet are on the ground

Running around and getting nowhere

Are you sure it’s not Tuesday
Although I may be somewhat confused
Or mistaken
All odds are in my favor

I’m fairly sure that it’s Tuesday
Just admit you’ve made a mistake
Time escaped you
I’m not back where I started

Running around and getting somewhere
Don’t you see

There’s no way
I’m starting all over again
In fact, right here is where I need to begin


From Toward the Light, track released 01 January 2008
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering