Standing Still

Standing-LacingWhat a contradiction! Feeling like things are always changing and in motion, yet, in some ways, not really changing at all—as if we were still the same idealists from our youth, only with a different look about us. Everything changes yet nothing does. How strange.

The song is about the resolve we must have, to stand our ground against the winds of change all around us, yet also flow along with the graceful currents that move us along.

As Elton John so simply put it, “I’m still standing.”



Standing still, against the wind

Somehow taking and then remaking
What comes to me
That’s just the way I do things
Guess I always will
Yet it looks as if I am

Standing still, yet again

Acting as though I am who I was
Like I’ve always been
No matter what you think
Or how it may appear
You can be sure that I am standing still

Whether there are days my heart is dancing
Times when I cannot be brought back down to earth
Not for a minute
Glad to say that I’m still in it

Or even when my heart is broken
Times so tough that I can hardly catch my breath
When nothing seems clear
Have to admit that I’m still in here
Glad to say that I’m still in it

Standing still, always will

Feeling as though I am becoming
Who I am to be
In spite of or maybe because
Whatever comes my way
Ceaselessly moving, I am standing still

Once again

Though my heart is dancing
Or broken
I am standing still


From Layers, track released  June 17, 2011
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, vocals and production
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar, vocals and production
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering