Lucky Day

Harry and Rose Martlage celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to California in 1995. They invited their children and grandchildren to join them in the festivities. So, we all converged near Carmel-by-the-Sea for a few days of merriment. For our family, that typically means jigsaw puzzle working, card playing, and general silliness. We all stayed in cottages in Pacific Grove, so each sub-family had a little privacy and space between the group activities. That trip created many delightful memories for everyone. Life has continued to unfold all its complexities and surprises in the meantime.

For his parents’ celebration, Emerson wrote and recorded an original song, that he called “When Rosa met Harry.” Recording back then meant that he had to go to a friends’ home where they had recording capability. Lou played piano and his wife Connie sang along. They were quite entertaining and we shared many delightful evenings with them. Lou generously offered to set up his “home studio,” where Emerson could play his acoustic guitar and sing along, actually recording some music for the first time. The sound is appropriately home-grown and folksy, which was perfect for the occasion.

Ken, Emerson’s brother, recently came across a copy of the long-since forgotten song. With today’s technology, he quickly sent us the mp3. We reminisced about our time and were delighted with the sound of the original recording. But, in today’s world, we would approach it differently. So we set about creating a “remake” of the song to update and honor the song that captured the 50 year milestone. Emerson retitled it, “Lucky Day.”

The idealism and hope still hold true after all those years. We still marvel at “chance” encounters that transform into soulful lifetime commitments. Time has graciously increased our fold. Now, not only did their children have children, but their children’s children did too. Four living generations of Martlages are scattered across the country. Surely, when Rosa met Harry, it must have been a “Lucky Day.”


Original Recording: 1995 by Dale (Emerson)

Re-make: 2020 by Cheryl & Emerson


When Rosa met Harry, it must have been a lucky day

‘Cause they been hangin’ ’round together for quite some time

And when they got married, it must have been a peaceful day

‘Cause they settled in together to create a life that’s just their style

Fifty years now I’ve been told, always young and never old

Not a bad start for the rest of your life

And I’m proposing a toast as we meet here on the coast

Here’s to Mom and Dad who gave us life

And when they had children, it must have been on sun-filled days

‘Cause they keep on growin’ stronger in each and every possible way

When their children had children, it must have been on faith-filled days

So they’d get to make a difference in the future for the next hundred years

Fifty years now I’ve been told, always young and never old

Just a head-start for the best of your life

And I’m proposing a toast as we meet here on the coast

Here’s to all of you who give them life

And I propose a special toast to the ones who we love most

Here’s to Mom and Dad, partners for life

When Harry met Rosa, it surely was a lucky day


This song is dedicated to “all of us” who have become part of the unfolding love between Rosa and Harry over the 80+ years since they first met—creating this most grateful and loving extended family. Their impact on this world is felt every day through the lives of those who carry on: Aaron, Addison, Brian, Cheryl, Ellie, Emerson, Eric, Iris, Ken, Kelsey, Kevin, Kris, Laney, Michael, Mindy, Nelda, Rosie June, Ryan, Rebecca, Sophia, Sue, Tom and Tyse.

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From album – Quiet Comes Along
Track released – July 1, 2020
Cheryl Martlage – Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Lyrics, Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production
Inspiration – Rose & Harry’s 50th anniversary celebration (Em’s parents) 1995

Original song written and first recorded by Dale (Emerson) in spring of 1995 (first music ever recorded)