Our daughter and her husband were expecting a baby—our first grandchild. We were full of wonder and awe as the process unfolded. Even though we had experienced the process of birth twice in our own lives, we found ourselves seeing everything from a much different perspective this time around. We were struck by the complexity, challenges, decisions, many variables and of course the physical demands of the sometimes lengthy process. Mostly, we were amazed at how the everyday details must be “borne” completely by the parents—carried forward by sheer will and determination—specifically, through the strength and fortitude of the mother.

This song celebrates the force of character that prevails in the birth of a child. Yes, the baby is “born,” but, equally important is the birth that takes place in the hearts and minds of the parents as they bear the myriad details necessary to bring such a profound longing into reality. The process itself is a metaphor for life—something must always be “borne” in order for something else miraculous to be “born,” and come into being.



On every tear that I cried
On every fear
With each time I tried
When I felt all hope was gone
Then something inside said,
“There’s a dream to be born.
So you must press on.”

With every breath that I draw
On each passing thought
No matter how small
Faith and courage wearing thin
From somewhere deep inside I heard,
“There’s a dream to be born.
You must try again.”

Other lives seemed easy
How I envied their carefree ways
Yet my dreams persisted
Remained bold, insisted that
There was no choice to stray

Still my dreams demanded
Loyalty unwavering
Determined to stay

From every time that I fell
Shook off the grit
Then righted myself
Even when things seemed to go wrong
I thought once again, that
My dream is at stake
So I will be strong

Who I am and will be
As yearnings take form
There’s a dream to be born


From album Borne

Track released – 11.1.17

Cheryl Martlage lyrics, vocals
 and production

Emerson Martlage music, guitar, vocals
 and production

Inspiration, birth of our first grandchild