Offerings-LacingWe were in the early throes of creating the “Uncommon Promise” website, and had many talks about what it meant to put something “out into the world.” We wondered how to do that and still maintain the sense of independence and authenticity fundamental to the life we were creating.

Our friend had scheduled a retreat for all of the volunteers who were helping to create a new women’s magazine they called “Offerings.” Since their meeting was several weeks away, we decided to honor the upcoming event by writing a song about the idea of “offerings.”

The drawing was Cheryl’s idea of using a weaving to illustrate the interwoven aspects of our lives—particularly as we began sharing in broader and broader ways. Soon, our life was becoming a rich textured fabric, just like the image.


Here I am, this is all I can offer
Dreams and imaginings
I’m willing to share with you
Is there anything more I can do

Here it is, something I’m sure I can offer
Truth and compassion
I’m willing to share with you
Is there anything more I can do

As we weave this tapestry, the work of many hands
We wonder of the days to come
And honor where we have been

And as we share our poetry, our stories, and our worlds
Intertwined in every detail
There is so much more
Even though it is today we weave
The threads continue on
And on

So this is it, what else can I offer
Time to take a chance for a change
If you’re willing to share with me
Who knows what more we could be
Just think of how much more we can be.


From The Way to Love, track released 01 July 2006
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Inspiration – Teresa Ruelas