The Fever Breaks

The-Fever-LacingWe recorded this song completely in our home studio, and left it sounding homemade, natural and organic. The “Fever Breaks” was truly our first independent production, marking the beginning of a new era of independence. It was the first song that we recorded without the expert production talents of Tom Tomasello. It represented a major point of departure.

We reflected about shifts and changes. We talked about how life is a series of pendulum swings. One day everything is great, the next is a struggle. Predictable. The problem is when we forget the cycle. Each extreme feels intense, inexhaustible. And then, The Fever Breaks.


Into the night
Sleepless and shivering
The room spins and takes me with it
Such a fiery feeling
This fever burning
It can’t go on
No, it’s got to stop

And the fever aches
And the fever shakes
And the fever takes me

Falling into shallow sleep
I feel my body fall
Into familiar dreams and places I recall
Drifting in and out of thoughts
I feel my body ease
Breaking through this endless night
At last I am released

As the fever fades
And it slips away
Then the fever breaks

Into the light
Relieved, awakening
The room stills and I remember
Such a fiery feeling
That fever burning
It will return
And return again

And the fever aches
And the fever shakes
And the fever wakes me


From Where I Need to Be, track released 01 June 2005
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering