Palio di Siena (video)

Our friend Drew was visiting for a few days and we decided to drop down to Siena for the day. To our surprise, we saw a poster as we walked in, indicating that the Palio (horse race in Piazza il Campo), was taking place that very day. Not believing what we just read, we asked at the restaurant if it was true. Sure enough. We had just happened to pick the exact day of one of the biggest traditions in all of Tuscany. We immediately decided to claim a space in the center of the piazza before the crowd descended, where we waited patiently for 5 hours until the race began at 7:30. The time spent was well worth it. We left shortly after dark with a new appreciation for the power of traditions. It was so incredible, we decided to share our magical day with you through this video. Enjoy!

Note: You may also enjoy our video called “Prize of the Barrels,” which is the annual race in Montepulciano where they race through the streets rolling wine barrels.