It was some sort of modern day eco party that was pretty spectacular. Evidently thousands were invited unbeknownst to us. There was more than enough room for everyone to either sit down or flit around—their choice. Drinks were plentiful and unlimited while there also seemed to be an endless supply of goodies to eat. No fights broke out as the day of drinking wore on. (more…)

The sling chair looked inviting this morning. With a cup of hot tea in hand, I decided to sit down for a few minutes to soak in some warming rays of the morning sun. I settled back onto the cushioned headrest, my hat pulled down to shadow my eyes from the brightness. Within moments, I slipped into a peaceful quiet mood. As my breathing slowed, I drifted more deeply into thoughtlessness. My stillness seemed to be underscored by the comforting drone of bees. (more…)