We had a plan. But things in Italy often times don’t go according to plan.

The idea was fairly straightforward: Grab a panino, sandwich then catch the 5:30 movie. Then after the movie, we planned to get a primo, first course dish, such as pasta just before making the rounds to all of Florence’s great museums since it was “Art Tuesday,” from 7-11 pm. The three of us were excited and couldn’t wait to see how the evening would unfold! (more…)

So where is the London River?

Maybe they mean the Thames . . . then why wouldn’t they call it that? Supposedly, for years, those who use it for functional transport have commonly called it “the London River,” but that doesn’t say much in the context of this film. For us, the use of the impersonal name became a metaphor that makes this film even better—explanation in just a minute, but first, about the story. (more…)