Several years ago, we stopped at the small alimentari, food market in the outskirts of Fiesole, Borgunto to buy some eggs on the way home. This particular market is so small, if there are more than 4 customers, you have to wait your turn outside. The owner is usually there, providing his personal touch—you simply tell him what you want and he collects everything together for you. (more…)

Saturday night was my big event of the week—dinner at Torre al Sasso, Stone Tower. My celebratory meal consisted of a calzone farcito with birra, beer followed by the ever popular caffè normale, espresso which is a cultural requirement. Of course I did start off with a complimentary glass of prosecco, champagne’s Italian cousin, because that’s just what happens when we go to Sasso. Even though I was solo, alone tonight, I still got special treatment and even warranted a table for four right in front of the calcio, soccer game. As you can already see, I wasn’t kidding about this being a big night. (more…)