Tuscany had an unusually tough winter.

No rain to speak of. Little snow . . . but very cold.

Olive trees suffered terribly. The caldaia (water heater) went out.

Two radiators froze and broke.

Water was everywhere inside—mopping to be done.

Then, mid-March, spring arrived, but without rain.

Wells were nearly dry. (more…)

It has been raining continuously for 6 weeks—well not really, it just seems like it. Every day for this past week we have had steady rain and a few booming thunderstorms, which is unusual for mid-May. However, the local wisdom (our friend, Giacomo) says that it can rain until the 20th of May, so it looks like he is right once again. It follows then, that the rains will come to a screeching halt this coming Friday. Right? (more…)