The Mugello is an incredible region of Tuscany. It begins just up the road from us to the north around Borgo San Lorenzo. But the really amazing stuff happens about an hour north of there, where the low mountains climb higher into spectacular peaks, enclosing deep green valleys. Known as the Alpi Appuane, Apuan Alps, they provide an endless panorama with inspiring views all around—known for its world famous Carrara marble, it is a place where hiking and trekking expeditions abound. (more…)

It was a beautiful spring morning, so we decided to take a walk down the hill to check on the progress of the canale antico, antique channel. They started the work a couple of weeks ago, so the project is far enough along to see how it’s shaping up. The channel will connect to the piccolo lago, small lake (really it’s a pond) to provide for over-flow in case of an emergency. (more…)