Yikes! We’re writing a book . . . and more

Today we begin the process of writing, blogging and filming!

Here we go on this wild adventure of writing our book (working title: Under the Tuscan Thumb—10 years of trying to live in Italy as true Italians). As usual, one of us begins a story then the other rewrites it any way they think might improve it—no questions asked. Then back to the other for further revisions and so on, until we agree that there is nothing left to change. At that point it is finished. The fascinating part of this “volley-writing” technique is that any number of pleasant surprises may occur that neither of us anticipated. When a story is finished, it is the perfect blend of co-writing, and is often unrecognizable from its first draft and always better than we imagined.

As we write, we will be using this blog as a place to share both the challenges and successes along the way during this ad-hoc process—a “reality” series, of sorts, where you can stop in to see how things are going. We welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions.

In addition, linked to the blog, we will be making update videos every so often.  Drop by to check on our moods, progress and concerns as the project unfolds. You will also get a peek into the surroundings here that we find so inspiring—bell’ Italia!

We just finished the first video today, and are calling the ongoing series “Thumbnail Sketches.”

Please share our sites with your friends. Our web site covers the first 10 years of our partnered journey through stories, music and art at www.uncommonpromise.com. Thanks for participating in our community, exchanging views and opinions.


Cheryl and Emerson



  1. I really like the volley-writing method which you have developed. It has good potential to bring out the most vivid memories and best writing from both of you. As Barbara Caporicci would say, “Buon Lavoro!”



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