Change a Plan

Yesterday morning Cheryl received a sketchy  message about a developing family situation. A more detailed email arrived a few hours later, followed by an explicit phone call that afternoon. Today we must go to the airport to explore options and make arrangements—one foot out the door, while the other foot remains grounded in this writing project, resisting as it is slowly dragged along. Previous commitments must wait. The jumble of possibilities are rationalized and thought-through. The initial gut reaction wins out and the decision is made—she must go!

In the face of disruptions,  we always find ways to continue that which really matters to us. Over the next 4 weeks, the writing of our book will have to take a new form—perhaps, remote exchanges on email, Skype or phone calls. We trust that everything will continue to unfold, just not quite like we had imagined.

When we consider the incredible number of connections and interactions between and among the lives of those we love, and those with whom we work and play each day, it is no wonder life is so unpredictable. Each individual life is unimaginably complex and when it intermingles with others, we realize the importance of flexibility.

If there is one thing we have learned from the many arising issues over the years, it is to “make a plan, change a plan“—but never, never, never release the sacred soulful intention of that which we originally set out to accomplish.



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