The Amazing Evolving Book

This thing we call our “book,” continues to shift and grow. Our first story and video post, “Thumbnail Sketch 1” was May 12, where we enthusiastically announced our intentions with, “Yikes! We’re writing a book.” Our decision to dive into this 10-year story about our ongoing Italian escapade was fairly spontaneous and full of excitement. The energy around it hasn’t diminished, and in fact, has  grown considerably. However, the form and content continues to evolve rather dramatically as you will see.

Creating the Video

Our commitment was to begin a blog using the same name as the book, “Under the Tuscan Thumb,” where we write about  everyday happenings, in a “reality style,” that occur while writing the book. That simple approach has evolved into: several weekly stories; videos called “Italian Moments;” upcoming music inclusions called “Note-able Moments;” and of course these ongoing video updates called “Thumbnail Sketches.”

Em Pretending to Work

The variety for us is overwhelmingly engaging and we have had the best time following along with the ever-changing flow and magnitude of this endeavor. However, the diversity of the various formats has challenged the very concept of the “book.” In the following video we talk openly about the issues and opportunities as well as the challenges of working together in new ways. Some secret disclosures give insight into why this project may either flourish or collapse under its own weight. Only time will tell.

Join us for a personal glimpse inside the process and then make your own conclusions.






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