Breeze In

They mentioned that they might  “breeze in” one day on their way north. Sure enough, on a Sunday afternoon Joan and Erin arrived from Rome. We walked into the train station and there they were, as if we had been planning this rendezvous for years. Stowing their luggage, we made our way through the narrow streets, past the market at San Lorenzo, around the corner to the left, arriving at Trattoria Zà Zà for lunch. We took a table out front in the warm midday air and settled in for a couple of hours.


It was the beginning of two full days of catching up, laughing and conversations that would take us all on a whirlwind tour of both meaningful and funny topics too numerous to count, often into the wee hours. Joan visited us a couple of years ago, inspiring us to hang one of her beautiful paintings over the studio fireplace. Her magical work prompted us to write a song and story, “The Measure of a Life.” We love the painting and feel its presence and power every day in the studio.

Lunch Outside

We are privileged to have friends stop by as they pass through Florence—one of life’s special pleasures. In many ways, it is like having a long awaited gift arrive in the mail. Each person who meets us in the city or comes out to the country for a visit brings their own unique presence (presents) that engages us, bringing new thoughts and perspectives. Those experiences then become a source for creative work and we love it.

People come into our lives for different periods of time and for different reasons. We engage in a sort of dance—sometimes a waltz, sometimes a cha-cha—and then move on. We never know exactly what will happen with each encounter and are often a bit surprised, since times change and so do we. When friends leave, we catch our collective breath and settle into reflecting about what just happened, what was said, and how we feel. It seems that all conversations happen twice—in the speaking and then in the reflecting. After we have a chance to sit for a while sometimes our perspectives shift and new appreciation arrives.

We think of it as breathing—take it all in, process it, and then let it out. The meaning is then left inside each of us, where it makes a difference in our lives. In that sense, it is only natural that people come and go. They breeze in and then breeze out—always offering us a much-needed breath of fresh air and inspiration. The story of her art in our studio is also worth a click.

Note: You should check in on Joan Fullerton – intuitive artists, to see what she’s doing. Of course, we think everyone should have one of her special pieces of art in their home, and she also conducts art workshops that are fantastic! You too may become an artist.



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