Spirit of Adventure

Ah, Spring! It’s that magical season that reminds us that what was closed and silent begins to open, open, open.

Immediately in front of us is the most incredible display of hope and faith in each new day. The Tuscan spring of this year arrives in all its splendor. Millions. No, billions of tiny tentative forms peek from beneath hardened bark, choosing to go one more round, to continue Life’s cycle, to shake off the blanket of winter. Shades of gray transform into delicate green, pink and yellow buds, right before our eyes. Blossoms. Flowers. And we anticipate the unfurling of leaves for shade in the months to come.

We are moved by the intensity of nature’s confident and bold statement. Choose life! Choose growth! Choose transformation!

red dog taking a break

Only days ago, we were shaken by the tragic loss of our tiny companion of nearly 17 years, Abby. We reflect on the deep sadness of the last few days with our little dachshund, suddenly gone from our lives, even in the midst of our planned departure. We were only hours away from whisking ourselves into a new adventure together, deep into the heart of Tuscany. She and her little sister Izzi were in for the ride of a lifetime, as were we.

incredible beauty everywhere!

But plans change, and we were suddenly pulled back beneath the hardened surface of life’s sometimes confusing and cruel exterior. Yet, with each blossoming spring day, the sun continues to warm and soften even those toughest edges, and we slowly find ourselves peeking out just like that delicate new bloom on the tree out front. Perspectives shift, change and move us into a different position. Soon enough, everything begins looking surprisingly fresh and abundant as we once again find ourselves breathing deeply—choosing life, growth and transformation.

ready to go!
ready to go!

Izzi has become the American/German/Italian ambassador on behalf of the dynamic duo, in Abby’s absence. We have decided to experience all that springtime and each subsequent season brings us—together. Go for the gusto! It will now be the three of us—exploring and loving every minute, no matter what this new leg of our journey might bring. Izzi will be riding along in the “sidecar,” the little cross-body sling we bought to carry her. She’s already been to the grocery a few times; the Post Office; Riccardo’s for cappuccini; an evening walk through the meadows, and there’s so much more to come.

1996 – 2013

We are thankful for what we have, and especially grateful that Abby was able to spend so much time with us, bringing joy to all who knew her. Now, we will carry on, knowing that her spirit is with us wherever we go. The best things in life aren’t always visible, and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. She’ll always be with us, everyday—riding along in the sidecar of our hearts.

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