Dueling Computers

We realize that our approach to writing is unorthodox, but that is exactly what we want. It provides a way for us to literally write as partners on “one story.” We enjoy a “volley” process of writing, whereby we edit each other’s work until there is nothing left to change. Both computers are set up so that each of us has an inspiring place to work.

at the carpenter’s bench

Em sits at the carpenter’s bench in the studio (and it appears that he isn’t actually doing very much work). I am at the upstairs desk at the window which has a spectacular view of the valley. Each one of us has our own space so we’re not in each other’s way, and we can get lost in the inspiration of it all. After writing we load the story onto a jump drive and deliver it to one another for editing. One changes the document to red when finished and the other to blue, that way we always know whose turn it is and what needs to be read and edited.

at the upstairs desk

With both of us writing at the same time, we make  progress, keeping the flow going. Our writing styles are similar and compatible so the stories are fairly easy to drop into, change, and go on to the next one. Reading each other’s work gives us even more ideas and new perspectives.

With cups of steaming hot tea or coffee nearby, we started writing this morning when it began to rain. Heavy mornings encourage us to  just disappear into a story. We’re back to work after a deserved and needed few days off.

But, since lunch, the sun has come out and the valley looks spectacular. Maybe it’s time to take a break and go for a walk.


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