Passionately Peaceful

Scott just left this morning after a wonderful and magical visit. We did many things together, engaging with the Tuscan countryside and people, but also found time to relax and simply breath deeply amid the birds and breezes. The time went fast and we were sad to see it come to an end . . . but such is life, as space opens for other new adventures.

What we enjoyed most about Scott is his passion—for people, good food, great Tuscan wine and life. There were many moments of high energy as he made his words come alive through his own unique emphatic expressions. We laughed, cried and frequently slipped effortlessly into deep and meaningful conversation. But in the midst of it all, there was a peacefulness that seemed to transcend each moment. Whatever was going on, we were able to stay in touch with the natural beauty, quietly taking it in. The days were magnificent, nudging us further into the enchantment of this place.

We are grateful for those who pass our way, each bringing their own personal spirit, style and energy. It is through the spontaneous interactions of everyday that we crack open consciousness (as Scott says) just a little wider—our awareness of who we are and what is possible in our lives presents itself a bit more each day. This is the very source of inspiration that fuels the imagination and urges us onward on our creative journey—always something new to ponder . . . and to write about.

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  1. As you speak of the passion that Scott exudes it make me think of a house boat trip to Lake Cumberland with him. The wine was not as good as that of Italy but oh the wisdom that came out of his mouth those 4 days…


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