Tuscan Hilltowns Road Trip

Friday morning we tossed the last few items into the car—sweaters, sunglasses, maps and cameras. Three doors closed one after the other and we were off on a road trip to the Tuscan hilltowns of Cortona, Montepulciano and Pienza. Our dear friend Scott’s visit inspired this tour—drawn to the allure of the ancient Tuscan countryside. Rolling down the white road from the house, we began our journey with rocks crunching under the tires. The adventure had begun!

Rolling down the white road

A road trip beckons us with the unknown, the promise of surprise, spontaneity, or perhaps just the love of making another memory with friends. When Scott is with us we are filled with anticipation as he always brings magic to the mix and incomparable conversation. We captured our experience on film as we wound our way through the rolling hills and sumptuous springtime valleys. This “Scott-umentary,” as we call it, is our next foray into the ever fresh and engaging “Italian Moments” that have become an integral part of the writing of our new book “Under the Tuscan Thumb.” We can hardly wait!

Today, Sunday, we put the final touches on the video. As we watched it together with Scott, we found ourselves smiling, laughing, shaking our heads in disbelief, and tearing up at the comments and imagery rolling across the screen. Visiting the three brick and stone hilltop towns gave us each new perspectives and understandings of what it means to be here in Tuscany—today. Those shared experiences have changed us forever. Keeping our promise to document the everyday happenings along the way, we offer the following video—a candid glimpse into how our day in those timeless rolling hills unfolded.

Note: You may want to check out some of our other stories about adventures with Scott.



  1. Beautiful – I almost felt like I was there with you, walking through the streets, sitting on the lawn, enjoying the conversation, coffee, wine, laughter and smiles. Thank you for sharing this with all of the us.


  2. “reality” is lived experience!
    Your friend Scotty’s joyfulness is infectious, I LOVE HIM and want to go back to italy with him!


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