The Sound of a New Era

Click! A familiar sound. The green and orange lights come on. The recording studio is officially open—we’re back “on the air.”

wrapped around the guitar

Pausing for just a moment as I sit there, arms wrapped around the guitar, my mind flashes back to a sun-filled morning in late May when we spontaneously wrote this song, our first piece of music in 6 months. Like rising up out of the water, gasping for that first breath of fresh air, we had suddenly moved to a different place—ready for our new beginning. Coincidentally, our friend Scott had just arrived for a short visit, always bringing a sense of engagement and creative energy. We joked about him being our muse, mysteriously arriving from thousands of miles away to spirit us out of  introspection and back into the real world again. And that may not be too far from the truth. The song arrived innocently and mysteriously—along with its own name. It is called Morning Glory.

Strung Together

The strangest thing happened just after our morning of sudden, inspired writing. I was sitting at the upstairs desk looking out over the valley, when Scott came walking up the steps. Since we hadn’t seen each other yet, he stepped into the room and said with great enthusiasm “Good morning, Glory!” Chills ran through me. I spun around with a look of surprise and asked, “What did you say?” He repeated with his usual smile, “Good morning, Glory.” I asked him why he said that. He really didn’t know. It had just popped into his head, so he tossed it out there. Hmm.

Ready to Deliver

So here I am in the studio, getting ready to deliver the sound of our latest muse-ical story. There’s a lot of pressure involved when trying to forge the very first sound of a new era. I admit to myself, there is a tinge of nervousness as I pull the microphone into position and put the headphones on. Suddenly, I am surrounded by a profound silence. I close my eyes and drift slowly back into that quiet space of reflection and transformation that brought us here. It appears as if we have once again arrived at exactly where we need to be—and with a sense of calm confidence and without further hesitation, my fingers began to dance on the strings.


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