Best Stories of 2010

We just finished our first year of this blog and had a blast writing for you! We thought it might be fun to share the most popular stories as voted by clicks from our readers around the world. Of course, writing daily, we never really know what will strike a chord with anyone, but remain committed to write from the heart about what naturally happens in this life of two Americans “trying to live as Italians.” We hope the experiences and lessons learned are both amusing and also thought provoking, as we all learn and grow together through shared experiences. Well . . . blah, blah, blah—let’s get on with the results!

walk-in fireplace

Our number FOUR story of the year was: Loose Wine. Join us on a trip into the local Cantina where we buy our sfuzo, loose wine. It may not be on the top of the list for a talented sommeliers, or great wine connoisseur, but it represents a rich piece of Tuscan history and is one of those experiences that further ties us to the century old traditions. There are some great pictures of an authentic country cantina along with a bonus video that will take you right inside the Sfuzo experience with us.

Italian Masterpiece

Our number THREE story of the year was: Harmony with Nature. We had a huge response to this local story of the building of the canale antico, antique channel just down the hill from our place. They used ancient Tuscan techniques, pulling the materials right out of the ground. There is also a linked video with a cameo appearance by the now famous Stefano who will both inform and keep you in stitches.

Let’s go!

Our number TWO story of the year was: Tuscan Hilltowns Road Trip. This spontaneous adventure follows our close friend Scott Colglazier as he strolls his way through some of the most beautiful of the Tuscan hilltowns, with stunning views and delightful conversation. In addition to the story, you will find a link to our video of that day called the “Scott-umentary,” that will definitely make you want to join him on his next trip to Italy!

Inside the Tower

And, the NUMBER ONE story of the year was: Em’s Big Night Out! Cheryl had returned to the US for several weeks, and Em ventured out into the nightlife of the Tuscan countryside alone, with a visit to his favorite local Ristorante/Pizzaria, Torre al Sasso, stone tower. Join him along with Leonardo, Monica and Lapo as Em makes a laughable language blunder.

If you didn’t get a chance to read the favorites, we hope you can take a few minutes from your post holiday decompression to check them out—or read them again if you’re in the mood. We promise you will enjoy them, because public opinions just can’t be wrong, can they?

Lastly, thank you all for your faithful following of our travails in the Tuscan countryside, and we hope to see you here each week of this new year as we head off into some yet unknown adventures together.


Cheryl and Em


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